Izabela Nowak- headshot2_opt

Illustator & Artist

My name is Izabela Nowak. I am born and raised in Wroclaw and moved with my family to Vienna as a teenager. I have graduated from school in Austria and then studied theater studies. The first few years of my professional career were unfortunately not creative at all. I have worked for several companies and had rather boring jobs, before I started with jewelry design and was able to become self-employed.

Through the new perspective and my projects, I wasn’t only able to create various objects, but I could also teach design all over Europe. In 2017, I moved to Berlin. In 2020, when everything was shut down and I was locked in my own world for several months, I could finally start with illustrations. It has always been my dream to bring my own ideas on paper and to experiment with new drawing techniques. I very much enjoy working in this area.

I also travel a lot. It is now great that, when on travels, I do not have to put down my work, but I rather can take my sketch book wherever I go and work from wherever I want. Can you imagine anything nicer? In 2021, I have also founded an artists’ group (Social Art Lab) in Berlin. We organize various workshops and are also building a network of artists and projects.

About my Art:

My art is primarily about femininity. The body, sensuality and also Body Positive and Sisterhood. I want to give enjoyment to myself and all other women and put women in a nice and esthetic center. The women is proud and shows solidarity to other women. In particular now we are living in exciting times, where we need to redefine and reinvent ourselves as women. We are in a transition phase, where the classical distribution of roles does not fit to what it used to be over centuries. However, the transition is very slow. Hence it is getting more and more important to talk about those topics and look at them and analyze them from various angles. This is the only way how we can understand ourselves better, show more solidarity and find ourselves in an nice esthetic world.