Phone girls collage

This is the second part of my work with motif pad: I have chosen the geometric pattern (FOLIA geometry motif pad) and have found some nice vintage photographies from old movies with women on the phone. To underline the subject, I have also created some old school, vintage telephones. Again, this is very nice paper art for relaxing Sundays, especially in winter time 🙂

Material list

FOLIA Bringmann

Tinted drawing paper // Tonpapier

Art Knife // Bastelmesser

FOLIA Motif pad GEOMETRY // Motivblock GEOMETRIE

Cutting mat // Schneidunterlage

Glue // Klebstoff

Scissors // Schere

Old photographs

Art Knife // Bastelmesser

Silhouette- Scissors // Kreativ- Silhouettenscheren

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