Origami art meets polymer clay

What are the origins of the paper folding process we now know as ORIGAMI? At first, Origami was just the Japanese art of folding. The word includes “oru” which means fold and “kami” which means paper. The exact origin of the art of paper folding is unknown but we know that paper was invented in China in the first century A.D. and brought to Japan by Buddhist monks in the sixth century A.D. Paper folding evolved into an art form, for religious and ritual circumstances into a folk art. It was around the 18th century paper folding started to develop in the western world.

Today, Origami is an international creative amusement and an inspiration for all kinds of art. You can find the fold techniques in architecture, graphic design and fashion. Due to the diversity of polymer clay and with the help of some standard tools it´s possible to create lots of traditional or modular objects by folding the clay. Enjoy my POLYGAMI collection…

Hana balls_Izabela Nowak klein2Earrings alle_Izabela Nowak_alle Teile2.jpg

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